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Kenya has an impressive diverse culture of 43 ethnic group with 68 spoken languages. It is also known for its scenic landscapes and various wildlife species which attracts tourism from across the globe.

Kenya is a middle level income country with a population of 47.6 million. However, there are 9.5 million children under the age of 18 years experiencing poverty. Their well-being is particularly at risk as undernourishment and child mortality increases. A growing number of children live without parental care or are at the brink of losing it. Kenya also has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the entire world. As of 2015, 660,000 children were recorded to have been orphaned by AIDS.

Female-headed households and child-headed households are more likely to experience high levels of poverty. Young children are often obliged to work instead of being able to go to school, as they have to put food on the table for an entire family. Many of them are forced into exploitative child labour and eventually even commercial sex work.

Child Protection and Development

An environment fit for growth and Development (Photo caption)

Whereas Kenya constitution 2010 spells out measures on child protection, millions of children in Kenya and around the worldwide – from all socio-economic backgrounds, across all ages, religions and cultures – experience one form or the other of abuse every day. Children are still exposed to violence, harmful practices, lack of parental care and sexual exploitation among others. The risks are more aggravated during emergencies such as floods and drought, domestic violence among others.

Child Protection and Development Centres (CPDCs)

MCF operates residential and non-residential Child Protection and Development Centers (CPDCs) that offers care and protection to vulnerable children and youth.  The first MCF residential centre for street children was set up in Eldoret in 1989. The other residential CPDCs are MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta. The non-residential CPDCs are MCF Vipingo, MCF Kipsongo, MCF Lodwar, Dr. Charles Mulli Secondary School and MCF Mwanza (Tanzania).

The CPDC receive rescued children, rehabilitate them and reintegrate them into the society. The rescued children undergo series of care and rehabilitation services for behavior transformation. MCF integrates the provision of education, health care, spiritual nourishment, among others into holistic transformation and empowerment programmes to its beneficiaries.

MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta CPDC’s provide pivotal units for holistic Child Rescue, Rehabilitation Reintegration and Prevention units. Children accessing care and protection are provided with shelter, food and nutrition, parental love, psychosocial support, spiritual guidance, career mentorship and education among other critical services good for growth and development.  They are the incubation units for talent identification, nurturing and development.

The satellite protection and development centers namely; MCF Vipingo, MCF Kipsongo, Dr. Charles Mulli Sec School, MCF Lodwar and MCF Mwanza (TZ) are crucial in serving children in communities. They provide crucial services to children in need of care and protection whose lack has exposed them to untold risks.

MCF is working with the Government of Kenya, county Governments, community organizations and groups to increase child protection in Kenya and beyond.

Schools and Training

Education for all and to all

MCF education programme is the key child development programme offered in restoring hope and nurturing talents. It is tailored to enable beneficiaries access both basic and vocational education and training. It is holistically and inclusively organized to meet the educational needs of very young children, teenagers and young adults of varying degree of cognitive perception, potential and abilities.

The schools and colleges have enabled MCF identify and nurture children talents that could have otherwise gone to waste.

MCF is committed to increasing the enrollment and retention of vulnerable girls and boys in pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education.   It provides free educational materials, supports community schools and partners with different stakeholders in ensuring that children access quality education.

In response to this, MCF has the following full-fledged institutions/programmes.

  1. Kindergarten (ECDE Centres)
    1. MCF Ndalani
    2. MCF Yatta
    3. MCF Vipingo
    4. MCF Kipsongo
    5. MCF Lodwar
    6. MCF Mwanza (Tanzania)
  2. Primary School
    1. MCF Ndalani Primary
    2. MCF Vipingo Primary
    3. MCF Lodwar Primary
    4. MCF Kipsongo Primary
    5. MCF Mwanza (Tanzania)
  3. Secondary Schools.
    1. MCF Ndalani Secondary School
    2. MCF Yatta Secondary School
    3. Dr. Charles Mulli Secondary School
    4. MCF Vipingo Secondary School
  4. Tertiary Education
    1. Mully College- Yatta
    2. MCF Yatta Vocational and Training Centre
  5. Higher learning Sponsorship & Scholarship

MCF provides sponsorship and Scholarship to needy youths pursuing various courses leading to Certificate, Diploma and Degree certifications in institutions of higher learning. The scholarship covers education in either public or private local and international institutions of higher learning. MCF also collaborates with partners in ensuring that students get the best out of education.

Talent & giftedness development

We greatly appreciate the inherent talents in children. Talent and giftedness search alongside Sports Development has been a key component in MCF programs. We regard Talent as an exceptional skill, ability or knowledge. MCF considers these innate abilities that come naturally to an individual and abilities that have provided avenues for learning, development and practice whose outcome is the pursuit of art, profession or task.

The initiative complements formal education to nurture careers among children and above all it promotes rehabilitation as well as overall social transformation. These programs provide children and young people with valuable information and life skills tools to actively make a difference in their own lives.

Besides nurturing academic career dreams of children and youth, many children continue to rediscover their potentials in MCF through a range of talent and sporting activities including; Drama & Theatre arts Troupes, dances/ Music/Choir,  Fine arts, Football, basketball as well as Acrobats and Karate clubs.   (More literature and link of MCF Football club)

MCF Karate Club

MCF Karate club have maintained prominence as the best Team in the National Championships in stiff competition among many other competitors across Kenya and Eastern Africa. The club has been selected for a second time to represent Kenya in Africa Olympic qualifiers in 2020. The club needs regular facilitation through supply of training gear, uniforms and welfare support during national and international competitions.

MCF Football Club

MCF Football Club is patronized by Mully Children’s Family, under Dr. Mulli’s Sponsorship. The club was officially registered by Football Kenya Federation (FKF) in 2017. The club continues to inspire and foster football development at both the County and National level where it currently participates in Division One league. The club has posted amazing and sterling performance after being enlisted to play in the National Super League and steadily progressed in FKF National Super League from Division 3 to Division 1 between 2017 and 2020.   MCF Football club is highly motivated and seeking football sponsorship as we envision playing in Kenya premier league as well as sponsor players in international clubs.     (link)

Global Talent Mentoring

MCF as a Talent and Giftedness Development Centre, is currently recognized at international level as a special giftedness development reference center. MCF and Mully Talent/giftedness Model also gained full Membership of European Talent Support Network (ETSN) and has officially been recognized as an Associated European Talent Point through World Giftedness Center since 2019. This is in recognition of the unique Mully Model of Education underscoring the power of role models in talent and giftedness development process among disadvantaged children in society. To scale up talent and giftedness development, MCF is a partner at the Global Talent Mentoring Program globaltalentmentoring.org alongside Mentees and Mentors from different continents worldwide.  We identify and nurture diverse talents presented by children accessing care and protection.

Community Outreach and Empowerment

This falls under MCF Prevention initiatives targeting the most vulnerable children and in risky state.

The society faces a number of challenges. Most of which have exposed children to risks and untold suffering. For instance Kenya has over 8 million people living in extreme poverty.

In such scenario, community outreach and empowerment programme efforts had to be doubled or even more, to cushion the community from the extreme suffering.  MCF reaches to the community with support and assistance that has pulled many households from a state of mere survival and despair to a state of self-dependence. MCF undertakes training and educational support, health care, spiritual nourishment and feeding to the orphans and vulnerable children in the communities in Kenya. This is in response to increased levels of poverty; dictates of climate change like drought, famine and hunger; effects of HIV/AIDS; abandonment and child abuse.

Establishing community-based schools and providing support to the existing schools

MCF has established five community-based schools to provide an opportunity to children and young people who could have otherwise not be able to access formal education given the prevailing condition in their community.

  1. MCF Vipingo primary school at Rea Vipingo in Kilifi county currently serving 270 pupils.
  2. MCF Kipsongo primary school at Kipsongo slum in Trans-Nzoia county currently serving 260 pupils
  • MCF Lodwar primary school in Turkana-central sub-county- Turkana County currently serving over 700 pupils from an IDP camp.
  1. Dr. Charles Mulli Secondary in Yatta sub-county serving over 800 needy students
  2. MCF Vipingo secondary school at Vipingo in Kilifi county serving 100 students

Providing support to the existing schools

MCF extends its support to existing schools to build their capacity to provide quality education. Among other support, it has been building classrooms and sanitation facilities, installation of the energy-saving cookstove, provision of school uniforms to the needy children, provision of complementary teaching staff and provision of stationery.

School feeding program

In every term, MCF supplies food to over 20 schools in vulnerable communities where most of the families cannot afford three meals per day.

This program benefits over 8,000 learners every term. It has recorded a significant impact such as

  • Reducing learners’ absenteeism,
  • Increasing attentiveness and active participation of learners in the classes
  • Increasing learners’ participation in co-curriculum activities.

Women empowerment

In an effort to strengthen the family foundation, MCF seeks to empower women by;

  • Providing employment in its various projects to at least 250 women.
  • Offering training which develops their various skills in cottage industry as well as small scale farming.
  • Facilitating the dissemination of information to women groups that promote the establishment of small businesses, table banking, and child protection among other support services.
  • Goat project for widows
  • Child mothers/Teenage mothers business startup initiatives (Add relevant photos).

Provision of clean water

Many communities in Kenya especially those in the arid and semi-arid area have no access to clean water for domestic use. Women and children travel a long distance in search of water. In an effort to ease the challenge, MCF seeks to ensure the provision of free clean water to surrounding communities and schools, for instance;

  • MCF Ndalani water project serves over 1500 households within Ndalani location.
  • MCF Lodwar borehole serves the entire Lokarparaparae village with over 300 households,
  • MCF Kipsongo borehole serves entire Kipsongo slum with over 1,800 households
  • MCF Vipingo borehole serves over 1,500 households in Rea Vipingo.

Advocacy and capacity building

MCF organizes and facilitates annual stakeholders’ seminars on child care, children rights, National standard on best practice of charitable children center, international instruments on child protection and child care and child protection policies among others.

MCF also organizes for annual agricultural field days for the small scale farmers in arid and semi-arid areas to promote good agricultural practices in these regions.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

MCF integrates environmental conservation initiatives to child welfare programmes. This is a strategy to facilitate environmental transformation and create safety nets for vulnerable children and child survival at the institutional and community level.

Climate change is one of the most serious threats to sustainable development globally. Studies have shown that 90% of all natural disasters afflicting the world are related to severe weather and extreme climate change events.

Most of MCF projects are located in Arid and semi-arid regions that are prone to adverse effects of climate change. It is in this response that MCF has a deliberate programme that gears towards climate change mitigation and adaptation. The forestation exercise has led MCF to experience microclimate of its kind due to the trees grown.

MCF has planted and distributed over 5 Million trees in its project sites, the surrounding communities and institutions.

Soil conservation & Environmental Management.

MCF integrates soil and water conservation in its environmental initiatives. MCF promotes the conservation of Indigenous trees and vegetation in their natural habitats. MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta with Years of tree planting has a micro climate that is a demonstration of capabilities of curbing the negative effects of climate change in our communities. Through partnership with local communities and organizations, MCF produces and supplies several thousands of tree seedlings to various regions in the country.

Community Tree planting project.

MCF partners with community based groups, schools and institutions under Dr. Mulli Environmental Award scheme in a programme known as “adopt a tree campaign”. The identified groups are supplied with seeds and tree seedlings that they plant in their respective areas or environs. The institution or individuals with outstanding initiatives in environmental conservation are rewarded every year. The competition involves analyzing the innovation, creativity, commitment, and self-drive in conserving immediate environment and sharing the same to others.

Water harvesting and conservation 

We seek to achieve enhanced water harvesting, storage, utilization and conservation of watershed at MCF and surrounding areas to improve livelihoods. Priority areas include construction and maintenance of water dams, rooftop rainwater harvesting, water purification plants and water boreholes drilling.

Renewable energy production, promotion and utilization

We seek to enhance increased sustainable production, utilization and management of renewable energy for institutional, domestic and processing purposes in MCF and Kenya. We aim at strengthening MCF sustainability in energy needs as well as promoting access to clean and affordable green energy sources by the poor households in neighborhood communities. The areas of focus include: Biomass production; Biogas Plant development within MCF Ndalani; Solar energy access; and Production and promotion of energy saving cook-stoves.

Humanitarian Relief Services

Reaching out to the most disadvantaged in times of emergencies. (Photo caption)

Children’s health, education, security and well-being are compromised during emergency. In the past years, in which Kenya has experienced flash floods, drought, post-election violence, disease outbreaks, inter-communal conflict and refugee influx, they left many children and communities exposed to untold suffering.  Whenever they occur, MCF organizes and deploys immediate food and other materials supplies to communities or groups affected by floods, drought among other calamities.

In 2019, over 10,400 households were reached with food relief and other essentials.

Health Care Services

Enhanced access to both preventive and curative health care

Africa is confronted by a heavy burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Governments have designed cost-effective interventions that can prevent the disease burden but coverage is too limited leaving out the most vulnerable. In Kenya, rural health care is one of the biggest challenges facing the Government’s Ministry of Health. With more than 68.9 percent population living in rural areas according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2019 population census, inaccessibility as well as inadequately funded and equipped health facilities often raises mortality rates occasioned by preventable diseases.

MCF projects are located in the rural and marginal region of Kenya where inadequate access to healthcare is compounded with perennial drought and famine which has placed the livelihoods of inhabitants at a major risk. The Mully Children’s Family Medical Centres in MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta offers primary healthcare services to all children targeted and staff in the two project locations as well as all members of the community in MCF neighbourhoods.

MCF Medical Centers work in liaison with other health institutions and health care providers in Kenya with the main aim of referral, as well as specialized care. It also provides preventive healthcare services through education, testing and counselling for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis among other tropical diseases. The services are provided free of charge and reaches approximately 20,000 very poor patients annually. These services are boosted by at least 2 medical camps annually presided over by specialized local and international volunteer doctors and nurses.

Due to the increasing need for quality healthcare services, MCF seeks to expand and establish a strategically located fully equipped modern hospital in Yatta Sub-County to serve the vulnerable population in the rural communities and remote villages to access adequate health care services.

Provision of deliberate health care programmes in promoting the health status for the children, members of staff and the community.

MCF Ndalani Dispensary (Photo)

MCF Yatta Dispensary (photo)

Free Medical and Dental Camps (Photo)

MCF with its partners and well-wishers organizes weeklong free medical and dental camps every year. In the first quarter of 2020, over 6,000 people benefited from free Medical and dental care at MCF Ndalani.

Social Justice and Advocacy.

Defilement, Female Genital Mutilation, child marriage, child neglect and abandonment are among the worst forms of Child abuse in Kenya. Despite the concerted efforts by several stakeholders, many children and vulnerable women continue to face untold suffering. Social justice and advocacy is a programme that creates both sustained awareness as well as society preventive measures against gender based abuses. Child protection entails a host of several interventions in the community.  This prevention mechanism focuses on initiating and implementing projects that eventually reduce the vulnerability of children at community level.

MCF appreciates and collaborates with several agencies in creating sustained awareness, facilitation of access to justice for victims of abuse and support to vulnerable population. We do so through;

  1. Training of police officers and community policing units on; Children rights and their application; juvenile judicial process and its impact on service delivery; child protection processes and procedures in Kenya; dealing with the vulnerable population with less resources among others.
  2. Establishing and furnishing child/gender protection desk in police stations. (Matuu CPU launch photo)
  3. Use of public or organized forums to create sustained awareness on Gender based violence in Kenya.